powerful dog

i would most definitely wear this

my follower count has been stuck in the same sort of place for a couple months i think maybe its because i havent been posting that much art lately but im not used to it. i need followers. i need attention 

all the time i wonder if i should dye my hair a different color other then green like i dont know maybe i should branch out try something new but i feel like if i did i would just look in the mirror everyday and be like “damn, wish my hair was green right now” its just so..me…green hair has become part of who i am

my hair is like a weird blonde and some parts of it are white and whenever i wear my green hoodie ive noticed i look kind of like komaeda. thats my post

i remember when i was younger i identified heavily with Organic Things and Nature and stuff but now i gravitate more towards technology and stuff….like its always appealed to me but now im really starting to Feel it i think. stuff like robots and ais and animatronics and things always make me go like “yes, thats me”

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calne ca

my fav